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Global impact of HAI

Hospital acquired infections affects both - the patients and the hospitals

Revenue leakage for Hospitals

The revenue leakage for hospitals due to prolonged stay of patients in an ICU because of Hospital-Acquired Infections goes up to $30 billion globally.

Reputation Loss for Hospitals

Hospital-acquired infections can damage the reputation of hospitals in an era where information spreads like a virus.

Financial & Emotional Distress to patients

Prolonged stay in hospital may affect the patient’s mental health and the increased financial burden worsens their situation.

SilvoGuard® Antimicrobial Medical Devices

Preventing Infections …Enriching lives…

Medical devices

Disposable, implantable medical devices play a major role in assisting a patient in different capabilities during hospitalization

Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI)

Many medical devices such as catheters, IV cannula, dialysis tubings, endotracheal tubes, etc. could be a source of HAI, resulting in morbidities.

Antimicobial Medical Devices

It is imperative to make these medical devices antimicrobial in nature to reduce the risk of medical device-related HAI.


SilvoGuard® is a unique line of antimicrobial medical devices which are of premium quality to prevent infection and provide comfort to patients.

100% Antimicrobial Protection by NanoAgCideTM Technology

Tested and approved

How will SilvoGuard® prevent HAI

SilvoGuard® antimicrobial medical devices are made using the patented, Broad-spectrum antimicrobial solution – NanoAgCideTM with active silver nanoparticles in it

Once the medical device is inserted into a patient’s body, there is a sustained, slow release of active silver ions

These silver ions are adept to kill all sorts of bacteria that comes in close vicinity or in contact of the medical device, consequently preventing HAI

Technology behind SilvoGuard®

Broad spectrum Antimicrobial, active silver nanoparticle solution developed by WIBPL. Apart from making antimicrobial medical devices, it has huge application potential across Plastics, Rubber, Textile, Glass, ceramics, wood, etc.

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See why Doctors love our products

Designed to protect

Improved Patient Journey

World-class product with a focus on preventing infections to provide extra comfort to patients.

Innovative technology

Smartly designed medical devices to prevent infections using a patented, Made-in-India, Silver nanoparticle technology to meet International quality

Certified products

SilvoGuard® products are certified by CDSCO, India - the apex regulatory body of India

High quality devices

High precision while manufacturing the medical devices to meet World-class quality

Our Strength

A cutting-edge, patented, NanoAgCideTM technology stands like a pillar behind all our designed SilvoGuard® medical devices making them antimicrobial in nature, effective enough to prevent infections.

High precision and meticulous quality controls & assurances during the entire life cycle of manufacturing result in world-class and premium end-products for consumers.

A strong PAN-India distribution network ensures timely and efficient delivery of our SilvoGuard® medical devices, equipped with a strong chain of support, Service, and training across PAN India.

Our Recognitions & Certifications


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